Confessions Of A Sugar Addict

AUGUST 18, 2020

I have been where you now are.

I was the girl with the *stash* of chocolate and chips in her drawer at work

I was the girl hooked on Starbucks Grande Frappuchinos and Pepsi to the tune of 4 a day

I was the girl eating a tub of Haagen Daas at Night (when no one could see me)

I was the girl who lied to herself constantly about her weight (I had gotten up to a size 22)

I was the girl who put on a *Happy Face* for everyone, secretly feeling insecure and lacking confidence

I was the girl on antidepressants, curled up in the fetal position at work

I was in pain constantly. People told me *this is just what happens when women get older. It's just life*

I started to believe them

I thought about giving up. Hell, I had already let myself go. Can you relate?

I only snapped out of it when I decided to get on the scale one day. I didn't have support until later. I knew I had to do something. Little by little...small changes led to big ones.

Now, I know I'll never go back there again.

I started by cutting sugar. IF I can do it using this method, anyone can. I'm not special. Just a girl who decided - enough is enough. For me. For my family. For that girl that feels alone and I haven't even met yet.

DECIDE to take the first step, one at a time. And start taking your life back!