Transformation With Leeia

Transformation With Leeia
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DeborahKolb-6144Are you ready to TRANSFORM your world? You came to the right place! I’m so happy you’re here. Whether you’re looking for a mentor or a business opportunity, let’s work together and create results that you will last you a LIFETIME.

Partner With Me

I’m here to empower you for a life of total FREEDOM because you’re adventurous and deserve to try new things. I’ll help you change your mindset to become FIT, both physically and financially. I’ll show you how to get the lifestyle you want, one step at a time. And hey, let’s have some FUN while we’re at it!

I’m passionate about helping women from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: They desire a CHANGE for the better and REAL RESULTS. Sound familiar? Do you:

  • Feel bored and want to achieve something more personally fulfilling?
  • Want an exciting, interesting project outside of your primary career?
  • Want to challenge the norm and create your own exciting path?
  • Want to give your family a better income and overall lifestyle?
  • Want to be PRESENT in your own life, and make moments count?
  • Want to focus on your own progress while helping others?
  • Want to be in control of your own time and schedule?
  • Want freedom and independence, but you’re unsure of where to start?

…Then let’s work together! After I went through my own personal transformation, I was inspired to help others. I learned to shed bad habits and bad mindsets (not to mention a few extra pounds!), and I’m ready to show YOU how to do it too!

With a bit of hard work, determination and the belief that you CAN do this, together we’ll set you up for a lifetime of success. It all starts with a bit of self-respect and the desire to want something BIGGER and BETTER for yourself.

Why I Love What I Do
Since 2010, I’ve been working with a leading Health and Wellness company to help people take control of their lives, make positive changes and build their own EMPIRE. I love what I do, thanks to the amazing people who I work with and the leaders that inspire me every single day!

The best part about my career? I’m completely INDEPENDENT, working wherever, whenever I want! That’s just one of the many benefits of my lifestyle. Here’s a few more:


  • The company I work for is established, well-known and LOVED around the world, unlike risky start-up companies
  • They own the most popular health and nutrition products EVER on the market
  • They supply the best health products around, guaranteed to work
  • The products are EASY to sell online with a “try before you buy” policy
  • The products are popular to a range of demographics in a broad market
  • New programs and products are always being developed to support a range of heath levels and personal goals. VARIETY is the spice of life.
  • There’s powerful leadership in both online and offline marketing strategies
  • There’s vast worldwide presence
  • Their products actually WORKED for me, and I stand behind them 100%
  • Success is based on the collective efforts of my team, which keeps growing
  • Most importantly, the products ENRICH my messages and personal brand


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