Take Control Of Your Results With The Power Of 24 Hour Rule

Take control of your results with the power of 24

Take control of your results with the power of 24 Ever miss a goal, a workout, or experience any type of disappointment? I definitely have. Sometimes, I was so deep in the hole of feeling bad about the situation or MYSELF that I’d waste DAYS or WEEKS feeling bad or sorry for myself.

What a WASTE of valuable time that was! Even though it seems like we don’t have control of our emotions, we have to exercise control so we get back on track as soon as possible. We can’t allow our EMOTIONS to control our ACTIONS. Emotions are not reliable – they can even sabotage us if we let them. So, we must TAKE CONTROL and show them who’s boss!

I recently learned about the 24 Hour Rule. It works like a charm because it lets you get the emotions out while still remaining in control and helps you get back on track faster and get back to being productive.

Don Shula (who?) – a long-time, highly successful coach for the MIAMI DOLPHINS FOOTBALL TEAM) created the 24 HOUR RULE. After a win, the team had 24 hours to celebrate and THEN get back to focusing on the things they knew would bring them the greatest success. After a loss, they had 24 HOURS to evaluate, complain about the refs and lick their wounds, bitch, moan, complain, and THEN it was – back to focusing on things that would create the greatest success.

So how does this translate to you and me in real life? Well….

When we’re getting healthy – we often have an *all or nothing* mentality. If we miss one workout, or we eat a potato chip or cookie (or bag of chips as it were) – we start thinking all is lost, then we head for the chips or the Haagen Daas (sound familiar?) Then what started out as ONE bad day – slides into two, three, or possibly a week! Before we know it – we’re self-defeated and off track completely and have lost TOTAL sight of our goals.

So how to break the cycle? Here’s how.

In the spirit of the 24 HOUR RULE, when you experience disappointment, you fall off the wagon with something or you fail at something (and nothing is ever truly a failure, it’s just a learning experience!) OR if you have a success – resist the urge to either CELEBRATE or be DISAPPOINTED for longer than 24 hours.

Take the remainder of That DAY (24 HOURS) to celebrate, commiserate, gather your thoughts, pull yourself together..put your thoughts together..regroup..recover.. AND then…channel your focus and efforts to finding SOLUTIONS and getting back on TRACK. When you focus in this way and channel your ENERGY in this way – and allow controlled time for grief or celebration – you won’t celebrate too long, nor wallow in sadness longer than you need to.

You’ll get back to being productive and moving toward your goals with even greater momentum. And, you’ll have started creating the HABIT of doing this so in the future – you can effectively manage your emotions and stop the self-sabotage. You’ll experience even GREATER results because you will feel good about yourself for taking control of your destiny, and feeling good about ourselves AUTOMATICALLY leads to us WANTING to take the action that will move us toward our goals and success!

The 24 HOUR RULE. Try it for 21 days, and see the difference it will make! 😉

Take Control Of Your Results With The Power Of 24 Hour Rule
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