About Leeia

About Leeia
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Hi, I’m Leeia Borges! Great to meet you!

leeia-about-1Do you know, deep down inside – that there’s something MORE to life? Like you want to experience ALL life has to offer, live in ABUNDANCE in every area of your life? Make a lasting IMPACT on the world and leave a LEGACY for your FAMILY?

I know exactly how you feel – I once felt the same way. Back in 2010, I finally paid attention to my inner voice and decided to DO SOMETHING about it!

I had worked in the Hospitality Industry for over 15 years. I LOVED my job and I LOVED the awesome people that I got to meet through my work. They were interesting, lovely people. Most of all – they seemed to be LIVING THEIR DREAMS.

You see, the people that I worked with were Diplomats, Stars and Heads of State. I worked in Washington, DC and my job was to coordinate their visits with the White House. It was a big deal! I mean – we’d roll out the RED CARPET and everything! It was a REAL Red Carpet!! I was doing important work that I loved. Only one thing…..

I was stressed out ALL the time…I spent MORE TIME with them than with my family – and…even though I was paid well (what I thought was ‘well’ at the time!) – it didn’t come CLOSE to what I knew I SHOULD be earning! That fact hit home when, one day, I looked at the quarterly report and saw how much money I made for the company that I was working for! It was a lot! And I was working 60+ hours a week.

Can you relate?

Well, time went by and eventually my job had put so much pressure on my marriage that we ended up divorcing. By this time, I was 60+ pounds overweight and miserable. I thought one day – things had to change. I felt lethargic, tired and depressed. I had totally lost myself. Then I saw an infomercial for one of our company’s products online. ‘I don’t have anything to lose,’ I thought, so I called and ordered it. Shortly after…I found a lady online that was willing to help me lose the weight and just start to feel better about myself. It was a slow road back to find myself, but I did it.

Then a funny thing happened in 2010….

I was introduced to Personal Development books. The first book I read was ‘The Slight Edge’ – a book about how our choices in life ultimately shapes us into the person we will become – and what we will have. Well, I was hooked right there. A whole new world opened up to me and I began to think about doing something BIGGER with my life than the 9-5 ho-hum routine I had been living. I started to think about being an ENTREPRENUER instead of the EMPLOYEE that we’re all TAUGHT to be in School! In fact…school taught me that I had to work 60+hours a week for a few weeks’ vacation a year and even less time with my family. Some life, right?

In 2010 the same lady that found me online introduced me to the business. I didn’t even know there was a REAL business available with the products I was using everyday and that I loved! But there was. I began to think what was possible. I definitely wanted the 25% discount (who doesn’t love to save money?!) so I signed up.

At that point, I joined the community and heard awesome stories about how people just like me, with BIGGER CHALLENGES than me were making great incomes (FULL TIME INCOMES), working from home. They loved the people they worked with and loved what they were doing. They were serving others and having a blast.

I wanted IN! I decided – if I was going to DO IT I was REALLY going to go ALL IN and change my life. I thought – if I’ve been killing myself working 60+ hours a week for the last 10 years they were having THIS MUCH FUN, making 3x more than what I was making in less than half the time….WHY NOT? It made so much sense to me. I loved serving people, and mentoring others. This way I would have the best of both worlds AND make a great income!

I found out early on that this business had to be treated like a business in order to reap the rewards. The HUGE difference was that I could make this my 5 year plan, instead of slaving away in a 60+ hour a week job until the age of 65! This just did NOT appeal to me! So, I set out to grow my business and help other women just like myself. I KNEW I would build something BIG that would impact other women and help them realize their dreams, along with building mine. Yup, this sounded a WHOLE LOT BETTER.


Within 2 years I was making a good income. I had a great team. But, I was still working a lot and figuring things out. We didn’t have a system yet, but I knew that would come. I worked on myself as much as I could.

In 2012 I was asked to speak at our Annual Company Event in Las Vegas. It was such an honor and a great opportunity. I was stoked!

That July I went to Las Vegas, met up with teammates and my mentor. It was going to be an awesome time! After a really long day, I hit the hay early, knowing I needed to be fresh for my presentation the next day.

That morning, at 3am – I got the call that no one wants to get. You KNOW it’s nothing good when you get a phone call at 3am. I remember it so clearly – it was my sister saying, through tears – ‘Dad shot himself a few hours ago.’

The next day, I gave the presentation (I knew my Dad would want me to do it) and rushed home to Chicago. My Dad was unconscious most of the time and when he wasn’t, I’m not even sure he knew who I was. The next day he went unconscious and never woke up. My sisters and I spent the night in his hospital room. He passed the next day, 2 days after I got there.

My parents had been married for over 45 years. That’s a long time. My Mom didn’t know how to cope. It was at this moment that I realized – I can stay WITH my Mom – and help her – for MONTHS if I needed to – because I had my business that I ran online. No boss to answer to, no bereavement leave to ask for. It’s what I needed at the time and I’m so grateful that I said YES to the opportunity.

A month later – another realization hit me. I still had INCOME coming in from my business, even though I wasn’t ‘physically’ there. It was at this moment that I realized what RESIDUAL INCOME really was!

In 2013 I went fulltime in my business. If I had stopped to think about it, I would have been scared but I KNEW that it was the right thing to do. I wanted to be there for my family without restrictions or having to ask for time off. It was the right time. I had seen life is too short to play small! 


Today I’m so happy and grateful for the live I live! I’m 45 years young (I’ll be 46 in July) and I can do pretty much whatever I want! I have what a lot of people do not have – TIME FREEDOM!

me-and-joseI built a solid foundation over 2-3 years and now my family and I take vacations each year. In 2014 we went to Italy for a month. I LOVE traveling and seeing new places and meeting new people. There’s so much out in the world to experience!

I still work hard – sometimes 2 hours a day, sometimes 4. I absolutely LOVE what I do and the people I’m blessed to serve with. There are lots of ups and downs with being an entrepreneur and I love the PERSON I’ve become. The difference is that my check grows continuously, and I no longer trade my time for dollars; instead I replaced my ‘paycheck’ for residual income that grows over time – faster and bigger than I EVER could have gotten a raise and I’m in complete control of what I earn and how fast.

I’m blessed to have built an awesome team! And we’re STILL growing. We’re working together to make a HUGE IMPACT on the world and help women reclaim their lives and build something great for their families, so they can be home with them and spend time with them, without worrying about MONEY.

I spend my days with my awesome husband and my Rock, Jose Borges. I could not do what I do without him. He’s building an Empire of his own. 😉

I travel just about every month – either to seminars, incentive trips, vacations or just to see the world (one of the perks of my business). I can do this because I stay in shape, which is my business and my passion. Its pretty cool when you can do every single day what you’re most passionate about, right?

I’m excited about what the coming years will bring. I’m living my mission and want to bring as many people along for the ride as want to come with us!

Let me know how I can serve YOU and help you start living the life you were truly meant to Live!

Leeia Borges